Palermo Airport Facilities

Palermo Airport is one of the busiest airports in Italy and is ranked Seventh in terms of passenger traffic. The passenger traffic keeps on increasing each year and this has necessitated the introduction of various facilities in order to cater for the various needs of the passengers.

Some of the facilities found at the airport include: .

– Shops and restaurants

Palermo Airport has a limited shopping area on the second level of the terminal, you can also find a self-service restaurant as well as bars.

– Baggage

There are two Lost and Found facilities at the airport, one serving Alitalia (tel: +39(0)917 020 208) passengers, and the other for all other passengers (tel: +39(0)917 020 209).

– Money

There is a bank located on the terminal ground floor and two cash dispensers (one for foreign exchange) can be found in the arrivals hall. A post office is also located on the first floor.
– (Bank of Sicily), open 08:30-13:00 and 14:45-19:15 and 14:45-19:15
– 24/7 two ATM’s in the Arrivals Hal

– Information

In the Arrivals Hall there is a service kiosk for general airport and flight information as well as hotel reservations.

– Business

On the first level of the terminal there are two VIP lounges, one for Alitalia passengers and one for passengers of other airline companies (tel: +39(0)917 020 629).

– Disabled facilities

Palermo airport is very accessible for wheelchair users and there are adapted elevators and restrooms. The Sala Amica Lounge (tel: +39 0 917 020 630) has special services for the disabled.

Palermo Airport

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