Palermo airport Train
Palermo airport Train
Palermo airport Train

Palermo Airport Train

Palermo Airport is situated 35 kilometers outside of the Sicilian city. Also known as Falcone Borsellino, the airport is the hub for travel coming to and from Sicily. Palermo Airport welcomes a variety of domestic and international flights from all over the globe. The Sicilian airport is one of the busiest in all of southern Italy. In 2019, Palermo Airport had more than 7 million travelers pass through its doors.

Just below the airport is its railway terminal, known as Punta Raisi. Passengers can ride the trains from Punta Raisi to Palermo Notarbartolo Station and Palermo Centrale. There are lifts and escalators that take travelers from the airport underground to the railway station.

Using the trains at Punta Raisi makes traveling into the center of Palermo or just north of it easy and comfortable. You can ride the train to Palermo Notarbartolo Station, which is located just north of Palermo. The train takes nearly an hour to reach Notarbartolo Station. In addition, it takes around one hour to reach Palermo Centrale Station. The cost of a ticket begins at €6.80.

How to get to Punta Raisi railway station

It takes fewer than 15 minutes to walk to the railway station’s platforms from the airport’s arrivals hall. Trains leave the station at 27 minutes and 42 minutes after the hour for both Notarbartolo Station and Palermo Centrale.

Many travelers take the train from Punta Raisi to Palermo Centrale to explore the city’s incredible tourist attractions. The area around Palermo Centrale has many hotels and restaurants to visit. The train station is situated at Piazza Giulio Cesare.

You can also connect to trains between Palermo Notarbartolo and Central Station. A single ticket to go between the two stations begins at €1.70. A journey between the two locations takes under 20 minutes. Trains depart from the stations at the full and half hour marks.

Getting around Palermo

Travelers can get around Palermo rather easily courtesy of the great train network on Sicily. Most regions of Sicily are connected by the trains. Agrigento is a popular destination from Palermo Airport. Visitors can reach Agrigento in three hours and 20 minutes. Travelers must change trains at Palermo Central Train Station. The cost for a single ticket begins at €14.20.

Castellammare del Golfo is another popular travel destination. Its incredible castle and lovely churches bring travelers to the town. Trains leave Punta Raisi 42 minutes after the hour. The train takes around one hour and 15 minutes to reach Castellammare del Golfo. Travelers must change once at Piraineto, and trains depart there for Castellammare del Golfo at 25 minutes after the hour. A single ticket cost from €7.70.

Trains leave Palermo Airport for Cefalu at 27 minutes past the hour. The journey takes around two hours and seven minutes to reach Cefalu Travelers must change once at Palermo Central Station. Trains leave Palermo Station at 38 minutes past the hour for Cefalu. Tickets for a single journey cost from 11.70 per person.

Travelers also have the ability to make long-distance travel connections from Punta Raisi. Train services are available to Milan. This gives travelers the chance to connect to multiple parts of the country and reach other areas quickly, efficiently, and comfortably. Travel via train to Milan takes around 12 hours. The journey allows visitors to see some of the most beautiful parts of Italy. The train network also connects Palermo to Naples. The journey to Naples may take up to 12 hours. Once again, the train ride allows visitors to see some of southern Italy’s best parts.

Transport to and from Sicily

The Palermo Airport train is not the only major mode of transport that takes visitors from the island to the country’s mainland. Visitors can make use of various buses, ferries, boats, and hydrofoils that take visitors across the island and to the mainland. Tirrenia primarily operates sea-going vessels that take people to and from Italy.

The company offers daily transport services to Lipari, Naples, Tunis, Genoa, and Sardinia. Ferries leave from Milazzo for the Lipari Islands. The boats depart from Messina for mainland Italy. There are other companies that provide sea-going vessel travel. These companies include Snav and Virtu Ferries. The travel provided by Snav is seasonal. Snav offers travelers a fleet of fast ships and hydrofoils. Travelers can access Malta via Virtu Ferries.

Tips for traveling from Palermo Airport train station

There are certain things travelers should keep in mind when traveling around Italy. Whether it is short or long distances, travelers need to keep these tips in mind. It is always important for travelers to keep their passports nearby. You may need to show it from time to time on your train journey.

Travelers should bring food and drink. Train services for food and drink can be expensive. Visitors on a travel budget will benefit from having their own items to consume. Not all Italian railway stations offer baggage carts. Due to carts not being available, travelers should pack as light as possible.

You should protect your personal belongings at all times during a train journey. Travelers can lock their luggage away in the overhead racks. It is advisable to lock away luggage in the overhead racks during overnight travel. Putting possessions under your seat leaves your items open to be stolen by others.

Many of the trains provide services for individuals who are physically disabled. Train services such as assistance with baggage and wheelchairs are provided when necessary. Travelers must ‘cancel’ or stamp their train tickets manually before boarding their train. Stamping a ticket can be done at one of the small orange ticket machines located near the platforms. If you do not stamp your ticket before getting onto the train, you may be heavily fined by the train authorities.

Getting around Sicily and to mainland Italy is very easy using the Palermo Airport train station. The railway station is located just beneath the airport and is easily reached after arriving. The railway station’s efficient and well-priced trains provide visitors with an easy, comfortable way to get around.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

Palermo Airport Train FAQ

The station is below ground level and you can take either an escalator or an elevator from the arrivals section of the terminal to get there. Signs throughout the airport will point you toward the train station or you can simply just ask an airport staff member to give you directions.

The walk between the arrivals section of Palermo Airport and the train station is about 15 minutes, but airport staff can help with wheelchairs if you have any mobility problems.

Palermo Airport is roughly 22 miles (or about 35 kilometers) from the city center.

It can take between 45 minutes and 1 hour to reach the station known as Palermo Stazione Centrale, which is located in the heart of downtown Palermo.

Starting at the airport, the train continues to Piraineto, Carini, Carini Torre, Capaci, Isola Delle Femmine, Palermo Sferracavallo, Palermo Tommaso Natale, Palermo Cardillo Zen, Palermo La Malfa, Palermo San Lorenzo, Palermo Francia, Palermo Notarbartolo, Palermo Lolli, Palermo Palazzo Reale, Palermo Vespri, Palermo Guadagna and finally Palermo Stazione Centrale.

You can take the train from the airport to the city each day of the week between just after 5.30am and until 10.10pm at night but there are no services between those times.

They usually leave twice an hour, first at 27 minutes past the hour then at 42 minutes.

You can either buy your ticket in advance of your vacation by visiting the Trenitalia website or you can simply use one of the ticket vending machines available at the airport train station.

Yes but remember that space will be limited and you will be sharing the train with other travelers, so if you have many bags you may want to consider another transportation option.

There is always the chance that ticket inspectors might pass through the train and ask to see both your ticket and passport so you should always keep them easily accessible on the ride.

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